Export Packing & Case Making

OK so you have your product that you want to ship but you need some export packing because…it’s not in a box and the carrier wont take it.  You can’t find a box big enough, and actually you don’t think a box will be strong enough.  You could look at a wooden crate, you may need an anti tilt monitor on it.  Then people can ask to see the certification in relation to the wood used (honestly).


It could need specialist packing and you may be unsure how to pack it or simply confused by the regulations for the country you are shipping to.  It happens more often than you think as every country has it’s own view on how things should be done.

Do you need to palletize your goods?


  • Custom made cases and crating
  • Vacuum Packing
  • Foil Bagging
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Collect and pack or onsite packing
  • Certification

With Parcelgiants we can provide you with an end to end process that will see things delivered perfectly and in great order.

Below are some of the items we have created export packing & case making.